Fantasia Orchestra recognises the importance of protecting the climate and reducing carbon emissions, now more than ever. It is our collective responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment and we are working to align ourselves with industry standards and best practice to protect our planet.​

While the orchestra does not travel extensively or have a large touring profile, we already encourage our musicians and staff to travel in the most efficient way, using public transport where possible or sharing lifts with others. Where overnight stays are required, we will encourage the booking of hotels and accommodation that have green policies.​

The orchestra’s staff largely work online, with electronic documents and contracts rather than printed copies and we encourage the use of digital formats where possible, including for the musicians. Where printed music is not kept and reused, copies are recycled in an appropriate manner.​

Led by the Trustees, Fantasia Orchestra will continue to review its sustainability policy and practices as it continues to grow in order to align ourselves with the best practices to protect our planet.​

November 2023